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Abiy Ahmed elected as chairman of Ethiopia's ruling coalition (EPRDF)

Ethiopia's ruling coalition has elected Abiy Ahmed as its new chairman, according to state media. Full Story

System Prevents Woman from Reporting Sexual Abuse and Predators Take Advantage of It.

These women have endured a prolonged and continual cycle of abuse - fleeing sexual violence and walking straight into a life of abuse." Full Story

Kim Jong-un was in Beijing, China and NK confirm

After days of speculation, it has been confirmed that North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un did pay a visit to Beijing. Full Story

A Self Deriving Car Kills 49-years Old Woman

A 49-year-old woman was hit and killed as she crossed the street with a self deriving car. Full Story

Wives Rent Out Because of Poverty

Poverty and unpredictable tourism industry forcing men in Kenya to send spouses into prostitution. Full Story

Ethiopian FM Radio Broadcast

:Zami 90.7 MHz FM Radio

:Ethiopian National 93.2 MHz

:Ahadu 94.3 MHz FM

:FM 96.3 MHz

:FM Addis 97.3 MHz

:Fana FM 96.3 MHz

:Bisrat FM 101.1 MHz

:Sheger FM 102.1 MHz

:Abay FM 102.9 MHz

:EBC FM 104.7 MHz

:RFI FM 104.7 MHz

:Afro FM 105.3 MHz

:Ethio FM 107.8 MHz

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